CASPER The Ceremonial Association of Surrey Police (CASPER)

ALL the events we participate in, have a ceremonial aspect, which if a uniformed branch of Her Majesty's Services, be it Military or Civil, wishes to participate in, are required to wear official Ceremonial uniform, which the current officers operational uniform is not.

All officers are required to possess a specified Dress uniform so as to carry out our roles, be it parade or funeral duties.

The matter of non sworn members inclusion has been resolved through the kind permission of the Chief Constable of Surrey Police in allowing members to wear a Ceremonial Dress uniform.

The dress uniform standards are outlined as follows;

Male: Ceremonial Parade Helmet (Regardless of Department)
Female: Bowler diced band and relevant braid, and wreath cap badge

Male: Dress Tunic with CASPER patches on each shoulder & Dress Trousers
Female: Dress Tunic with CASPER patches on each shoulder & Dress Trousers or Skirt

Male and Female: White shirt & Black tie

ALL Polished Black plain shoes or boots
ALL (Male) Black socks
ALL (Female) Black tights or Socks
ALL Whistle Chain
ALL Bandsmenís Wet weather Cape
ALL Relevant Surrey Police (Gold Crown) badges

The aim is to provide a form of uniformity and smartness as only expected with carrying out ‘Civic’ and ‘Ceremonial’ functions.

ALL officers are required to purchase a Bandsmen’ Wet weather cape for adverse weather conditions.

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